• “Princeton Pianist Georgiana Rosca Performs, Accompanies, and Teaches” by Jean Stratton, Princeton Town Topics, March 2006
  • Spanish broadcaster RTVE’s English-language radio interview with Georgiana Rosca, February 22, 2013
  • Asian broadcaster ICEPN’s two-part, English-language video interview with Georgiana Rosca: Part 1, Part 2
  • Radio review for “Voyage a Paris” in Merkin Hall with Bonnie Hoke, soprano, Georgiana Rosca, piano, and guest artist Dalton Baldwin, piano; commentators John Hammel and Paul M. Somers:

    “The evening concluded with another virtuoso selection for both pianists: the Poulenc Sonata for four hands. In classic sonata form, each section (Prelude, Rustique, and Finale) was rendered with great charm and expert artistry. Arms intertwined, trading off rapid fire passages, great thundering dissonances giving way to pleasing consonances, and dynamics of every shade and color, left the listeners breathless and applauding loudly at concert’s end! It was sheer delight to behold the two contrasting styles of Ms. Rosca and Mr. Baldwin juxtaposed and working so wonderfully together. His elegance and pinpoint pianism against her smoldering intensity produced a balance of emotions that was breathtaking. For an encore, the finale was repeated to the audience’s deep pleasure.”

  • Classical New Jersey: The Journal of The Classical New Jersey Society by John Hammel:

    “We must mention the sensitive accompaniment of pianist Georgiana Rosca. She went beyond being a ‘mere accompanist,’ and instead, being in the least intrusive, was an equal partner in the presentation of all texts. She, too, was aware of and keenly observant of all nuance and emotions. The performers’ empathy for each other bordered on the telepathic. She took musical breaths with Ms. Hoke, crescendoed and decrescendoed with her, and was both lyrical and assertive as the occasion demanded. Kudos to her for creating music on an instrument that had no charm or character. Only an artist as opposed to a plunker, can do that!”

  • “Hoke Puts Fresh Voice to Dickinson’s More Uplifting Words” by Relly DiSibio, The Whit, Rowan University’s Campus Newspaper, November 15, 2001.